World First – Skeeta + Stoke Foiling Boost

In a world first, we’ve partnered with fellow Australian foiling technology innovators Stoke Foiling to bring a electrically boosted foiling dinghy!

This revolutionary development allows foiling to happen much earlier than naturally possible. Sailors can now foil in a very controlled manner in as little as 4 knots of wind. This huge step will be a great addition to help sailors maximize training and coaching opportunities.

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce this game-changing capability for the foiling dinghy,” says Hamish Leighton, CEO of Stoke Foiling.

“This collaboration with Skeeta to launch the world’s first foil assist device that is suitable for a foiling dinghy exemplifies our commitment to getting more people foiling and pushing the boundaries of hybrid foiling. With the Stoke Foil Boost attached, you’ll have an easier time getting on the water, more fun when you’re out there, and more days where it’s possible to foil. The Stoke Foil Boost is to foiling what the eBike is to cycling.”

“It was incredible to be able to foil in only 4 knots of wind,” said David French, Managing Director of Skeeta Watersports. “The Skeeta dinghy is easy to sail foil, but the Stoke Foil Boost gives you instant access to that extra oomph you need to get foiling, especially in light airs, then once you’re up and foiling your sail takes over and the Boost unit flies clear off the water so there is almost zero drag. You could almost foil the Skeeta dinghy in no wind! It’s the perfect combination of products between Skeeta and Stoke Foiling.”

“Setup is really simple. We attach the Stoke Foil Boost onto either the rudder vertical or our custom mounting adapter manufactured by Skeeta Watersports. The remote is easy to use and attaches to the tiller extension keeping it within easy reach.”

“There is a ton of power, making it effortless to get up on the foil. We found that even when there was a stronger gust, it was often easier to use the Boost to assist with the take-off rather than aggressively pumping the mainsail.”

“As an added benefit, it’s also great to have the propulsion available for enhanced manoeuvring, especially in tighter spaces like marinas or sheltered areas.”

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