A new age for youth sailing

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Nikki is the first foiling dinghy specifically designed for kids and lighter sailors. The ultimate pathway to high-performance sailing and foiling!

Fully open, modern scow designed for safe learning to foil and fun, competitive sailing. 

Capable of planing up and down-wind, bringing a whole new level of fun to youth sailing – a new thrill to captivate and entrench young sailors into the sport for life!

The hull is stable, robust and simple. The steering is light and direct, allowing new sailors to develop their skills and feeling.

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Width:1.02m without wings, 1.8m with wings
Hull Weight:27kgs
Sail Area: 4.3m², 5.5m² or 6.5m²
Launching Draft:0.2m
Sailing Draft:0.9m
Sailor Weight Range:25-65kgs
Takeoff Boat Speed:7.5 knots
Takeoff Wind Speed:4 knots*
Max Speed:22 Knots +

*coupled with STOKE FOIL BOOST

Innovative Foil Design

Fully articulating balanced lifting foil design dramatically reduces the risk of “foiling crashes”, making foiling much easier and safer.

Very low drag and always in laminal flow means speed and efficiency.

Easy Launching

Fully retractable Daggerboard and Rudder Verticals, and clip on lifting foils that allow you to launch straight from the trolley. No need to tip the boat over.

Clamps on both centreboard and rudder box, to hold retracted foils while on land.

Quick Rigging

Nikki comes pre-assembled and clips together super quickly. Rig up in less than 10 minutes and get on the water!

Wings that can easily and quickly be removed in less than five seconds.

Unstayed two-piece carbon fibre mast features a halyard designed specifically to make rigging and de-rigging easy on shore or the water. 

The mast bases are of different lengths to suit the sail sizes, and all tips and bases are easily interchangeable. 

3 different rig sizes available for all sailor weights and conditions: 4.3m², 5.5m² and 6.5m²


Fully-adjustable wand allows sailors to start low to the water’s surface and gradually fly higher as they gain skill and experience.

High-visibility colours on sails, wings and foils, so others can easily spot Nikki from a distance.

Capsize-righting ropes as standard, so sailors of any weight can easily right the boat.

Sailing Versatility

Sailors have the option of flying high or riding low in displacement mode. All Nikki’s come with inserts that clip into the vertical foils to use for displacement sailing.

Which Nikki sail is right for you?

This chart is only an indication of what is best for an average sailor in flat water conditions. More experienced sailors may choose to use larger rigs in windier conditions.

What do you get?

  • Nikki – ready to sail out of the box
  • Fully assembled Wings 
  • Choice of 4.3m², 5.5m² or 6.5m² rig
  • Two-piece carbon fibre mast
  • Carbon fibre boom
  • Daggerboard, Rudder and Lifting Foils
  • Displacement foil insert tip
  • Rudderbox assembly with tiller extension
  • Padded bags for mast and foils
  • Aluminium collapsible Trolley
  • Hull cover
  • Transport box
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Rigging Guide

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