• Take off in as little as 4 knots of wind
  • Enhanced maneuverability for marinas and tight spaces
  • Easy to use wireless controller with configurable safety lock
  • Safely return to shore when the wind drops
  • Provides over 40 boosts
  • Optional e-Daptor to attach onto Skeeta or Nikki
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In partnership with Stoke, we’ve created the world first boost assisted foiling dinghy!

Capable of foiling in winds as light as 4 knots, enhancing maneuverability through marinas and providing the perfect tool to help you safely get back to shore if the winds drops.

With the Stoke Foil Boost, you can foil earlier and foil more!

The Stoke Foil Boost weighs only 3.8kgs and packs a powerful 57lbs of thrust, 4000W and 9Nm of torque. More than enough to propel Skeeta to foiling takeoff speeds.

It has a fast response time for start-up, super smooth acceleration and crisp throttle control for take-off. 

The high-powered 210Wh smart battery provides over 40 x 15 second launches from the standard sport battery.

Battery is easily interchanged via a quick and secure external locking ring. 
The advanced Battery Management System (BMS) provides longer battery life, more power when you need it and has specifically designed safety features including temperature monitoring and over voltage protection.

The 4 Amp smart fast charger takes less than 2 hours to fully charge a battery.

The intuitive wireless controller is designed to be attached to the tiller extension.

4 power modes; paddle assist, low, medium, and high.
Low is perfect for effortlessly maneuvering through marinas at under 5 knots boat speed.
High is perfect to get you up and foiling in 4 knots of wind!

The controller easily attaches to the Skeeta tiller extension allowing you to use it when needed.

It incorporates a configurable safety lock to stop accidental use, and sends key information back via the high contrast colour screen.

Designed to withstand the elements – It’s double sealed and the electronics inside are encased in a resin compound to ensure they perform reliably every time.

Propulsion is delivered via a 2 Blade 188mm diameter folding propeller (55mm diameter folded). 

The blade shape is computer engineered to maximise torque and boost performance.
The hydrodynamic propeller housing is designed to minimise drag and the propellor automatically folds away when the boost is not engaged. 

The marine grade aluminium blade construction and silicon rubber blade opening impact absorbers add strength and durability.

The complete Stoke Foil Boost includes: main drive unit, remote control, main battery, receiver and a fast charger.
Supplied in a high-quality protective EVA travel case with cable guides, mast cable bands, silicone grease, hex tool, and even a bottle opener for use after those epic sessions on the water.

  • Mount either directly to the rudder vertical or,
  • The Boost e-Daptor

The Boost e-Daptor

The e-Daptors clever design positions the Stoke Foil Boost at the ideal height under the hull for effortless launches onto the foil.

It can quickly rotate the whole Stoke Foil Boost unit up behind the rudder so it’s nicely out of the way for launching and retrieving the dinghy.

Attachment is also very simple with the Stoke Foil Boost being fitted to the e-Daptor vertical section and then clamping the complete assembly onto the rudder box within just seconds by tightening a single wing nut.


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