The 2024 Australian Skeeta and Nikki Cup was not short on excitement as the Skeeta and Nikki community congregated at BYRA Sailing Club on Sydney’s Pittwater.

We welcomed Skeetas and Nikkis from around Australia for some training, coaching and racing. 

Although we had very light weather, we had a low riders race which BYRA commodore Leah came away with the win in the Skeetas in a tough and closely contested race. I think we have another Skeeta convert!

Young gun jumps straight into Skeeta

In between racing, current IQ Foil youth sailor and 13ft Skiff champion Orlando showcased his talents and light wind foiling ability by pulling off gybes with barely anytime spent in the Skeeta.

It was magic to see, and gave our new Skeeta sailors of juniors an achievable view of what they can do in the Skeeta & Nikki.

Once again showcasing how easy the Skeeta is to jump into and foil – which makes it the most versatile foiler in the market. Foiling faster and for more people!

#tryfoiling in the Skeeta and Nikki

Sailors around Sydney were also invited to come and try foiling Skeeta and Nikki. 

Oodles of junior sailors from a range of junior classes including Opti’s and O’pen Skiffs were in the boat park, eagerly awaiting their chance to try out Nikki. Juniors as light as 28kgs got up foiling in the light conditions and came away with a huge grin on their faces after they reluctantly jumped off the boats. 

Even sailing around in low riding mode, the juniors on Nikki were very quick, mixing it up with the Skeetas in the racing. Having so many juniors of varying abilities, shows Nikki is the perfect platform to get them into foiling and to keep them excited and inspired to keep sailing for longer.

Introducing the Stoke Foil Boost

This was also the first time that the Stoke Foil Boost had been showcased at an event and has proven to work perfectly in the light breezes, getting everyone who tried it up and foiling in what would otherwise we non-foiling conditions when tested. 

To learn more about the amazing bit of kit, visit the Stoke Foil Boost page

(C) Martina Falcone

With just eight months’ experience of foiling on his Skeeta, Matias was able to take on the top Waszp sailors from Chile and Argentina.

“The Skeeta Cup in Chile was such a blast!” said Matias.

“Racing on a Skeeta was an unforgettable experience, especially since this was the first version of the event. We sailed alongside the Waszps, and with 18 boats at the starting line, it was quite a spectacle!

“I was amazed at how easy it was to get on board and foil right away – it’s a true testament to the Skeeta’s design.

“Even in light winds, the Skeeta held its own, with a slight edge in upwind speed and a faster, deeper downwind pace. And when the conditions picked up, the Skeeta seemed to fly – it was faster in all conditions!

“This advantage definitely helped me out, especially since I’m not as experienced with tacks and gybes. Despite these challenges, I still managed to secure second place. With more practise and consistency, I’m confident that the Skeetas will reign supreme over the Waszps!”

(C) Martina Falcone
(C) Matias Del Solar

Skeeta has seen huge growth in Chile since the first boats landed in February 2023. There are now 30 boats on the ground and regularly sailing in training sessions and clinics around the country. 2024 is shaping up for another big year in South America, with more growth into neighbouring countries Peru and Argentina and more events on for the summer.

The next main event is in Australia, where Skeetas and Nikkis are heading to the Bayview Yacht Racing Association, on Pittwater in NSW starting on March 23rd.

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