We are thrilled with the positive review of our latest high-performance foiling dinghy – the Skeeta, by the esteemed online platform boatnews.com

Here are some key takeaways on the Skeeta dinghy as reviewed by Maxime Leriche and Published on April 28, 2023

  • Versatile foiler that quickly offers great sensations to the sailor
  • Fifteen minutes are enough to rig the mast and the wings, without any tools.
  • The assembly is easily done with the hull laid flat on its cart, no need to lay the whole thing down.
  • The departure from the beach is very easy. There is no need for a long swim with the boat lying on the water, as is usual with a Moth. 
  • The Skeeta takes off gradually and settles quickly on its foils.
  • Despite the light conditions of our test, the Skeeta reaches an impressive speed and gives us a great feeling.
  •  Versatile foiler for a range of weights and sailing experience
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